Three Leafs Tea

No 9. Six Stone Oolong Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: Fuli, Hualian
Flavor: Light Sweetness
Shape: Ball Shape
Cultivar: Qing Xin Wu Long
Oxidation Lv: 20%
Roasting Lv: 10%

Greet the first northeast monsoon from the east coast every year, let the tea have more time to recuperate and brew. Even though the production season is late and the tea trees mature slowly for a while, the sweet aftertaste is worth a little more time to look forward to.

【About Our Tea Master】- Lin Jun Jie

【About Art Creation】

Artist: L.Y.H

Miaoli's Huoyan Mountain, Stone Tiger, and Starlight represent the creative imagery of this star-sinking Tiger Mountain. The stone tiger is a mysterious animal that hides by day and emerges at night. Under the starry night, Shihu dances briskly in the Huoyan Mountain, hoping to The reduced or endangered stone tigers can survive in Taiwan sustainably. Through the works, it is hoped that people can be alerted to the importance of desolate land and environmental protection.