Our Tea Masters

Happy People Makes Happy Tea

Each cup of tea comes from generations of craftsmanship and dedication to make sure each brew present its most balanced flavor and aroma. Through each cup of tea, you can feel their passion for tea, for Taiwan.


We work with 17 different tea estates all around Taiwan, we go the extra mile to search for the most delicious tea along with their rich heritage and life time of stories. 

Come and meet them when you have a chance to visit, enjoy a cup of tea with each of our tea masters will guarantee to be an unforgettable experience. Yes, your cup of tea is from their hands!


Here are some of our happy Tea Masters saying Hi from Taiwan

Tea Estate Location: Jia Yi, Mei Shan
Specialty: Gaba Oolong Tea (Decaf)

Tea Estate Location: Tai Tung, Lu Ye
Specialty: Red Ruby Oolong Tea

Tea Estate Location: Nan Tou, Lu Gu
Specialty: Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Tea Estate Location: Hsin Chu, Emei
Specialty: Oriental Beauty Tea

Tea Estate Location: Jia Yi, AliShan
Specialty: High Mountain Oolong Tea