Our Story

No plant has had such a profound impact on our history as Camellia Sinensis—more commonly known as tea. Of the countless tea producing regions in the world, Taiwan is perhaps the most exquisite. Every visit I make to one of our supplier farms is a new discovery, not just about tea, but a way of life that is disappearing. - Nancy Lang | Founder



Our tea is sold in many counties

We have received many awards

We have been to many events

We have been featured in many media

We have collaborated with many brands

But... None of these matters!

All that matters to us is You, People Behind Our Tea, and The Environment!


Born in Harbin, China, moved to Los Angeles at age of 13 and moved to Taiwan at the age of 30. Nancy came from a very diverse background, and years of working experience in marketing, sales, and management. She was the first Asian female and the youngest to become an independent insurance agent at age of 18. By 21 she co-founded and served as COO in tech company that grow to INC5000 within 2 years. However, life took her to Taiwan where she have dedicated everything to help Taiwan artisan tea farmers to connect with the world thought this brand. Hope to revive the once was the most important industry in Taiwan, encourage younger generation to cherish the art of making tea and help to become sustainable. For the past four years, she had travel all around Taiwan, talking with hundreds of tea farmers, tea masters, tea ladies. Now she's on a life mission to promote Taiwan, promote craftsmanship through tea. She will be their storyteller, a channel for their legacy to live on and spread to the world. 
"Tea is an international language, Taiwan oolong tea is a philosophy of life. I believe that we can connect the world, and people's life with tea"