Three Leafs Tea

No 42. Drizzle Black Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: Chiayi, AliShan
Flavor: Sweet Fruity
Shape: Ball Shape
Cultivar: Qing Xin Oolong
Oxidation Lv: 100%
Roasting Lv: 40%

Ali Mountain's Shi-Zao hand-picked two leaves, one bud tea leaves are processed using a special method. The small-leaf tea leaves undergo a prolonged withering, rolling, and fermentation process. After meticulous manual selection, they are expertly refined through professional baking to create fully fermented black tea. The tea infusion is red and vibrant, offering a taste with natural sweetness and mellowness.

【About Our Tea Master】- Lin Ren Sui

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Kate Huang

The rural and unrestrained imagery of Pingtung, with its expansive sea views and landscapes, presents a unique cultural atmosphere. Beyond the mountains and the sea, the wide fields and rich sense of community contribute to its distinctive cultural landscape. The cacao fruit, classified as a tropical plant, has taken root in Pingtung, becoming a key economic crop promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The artwork uses warm tones to symbolize Pingtung's hot weather. The main focus of the composition is an unopened and opened cacao fruit, accompanied by some pieces of chocolate, emphasizing the significant economic benefits generated by the cacao beans inside the opened cacao fruit.