Three Leafs Tea

No 31. Bunon Black Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: NanTou, XinYi
Flavor: Sweet Fruity
Shape: String Shape
Cultivar: Cultivar #18
Oxidation Lv: 100%
Roasting Lv: 50%

The Xinyi Township Farmers' Association guides the local indigenous people in developing the red tea industry, simultaneously passing on the tea-making craft to the next generation, fostering community sustainability. They produce fully fermented red tea with distinctive flavors, creating a tea with a rich aroma and a full-bodied taste.

【About Our Tea Master】- Xin Yi Farmers' Association

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Ho Hua

This passage expresses an appreciation for observing the small details of everyday life, capturing them through various mediums such as drawing, felting, photography, resin casting, weaving, and dancing. The individual sees the act of creation as a part of absorbing different aspects of life, using body language, drawing, and music to express oneself. The goal is to be like a shining star, emitting various lights, perhaps flickering at times, but each color representing different moments and experiences. The overall sentiment is about savoring and experiencing the beauty in various forms during the gradual process of creation.