Three Leafs Tea

No 27. Wang's Oolong Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: Chiayi, MeiShan
Flavor: Light Floral
Shape: Ball Shape
Cultivar: Qing Xin Oolong
Oxidation Lv: 10%
Roasting Lv: 5%

Wang Family Oolong Tea employs traditional tea-making techniques, with the tea leaves undergoing withering and oxidation. The result is a tea that emanates a floral fragrance akin to orchids, possesses a sweet and mellow tea essence, and offers a rich and smooth flavor.

【About Our Tea Master】- Wang Hong Cheng

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Manting

The sunset scenery next to Sizihwan Bay is a cherished memory for many when it comes to Kaohsiung's coastline. The seaside and coast of Kaohsiung have always been a favorite destination upon returning home, holding precious memories of life in the city. During the early evening, as the sun slowly descends, taking a leisurely stroll by the sea is one of the happiest things. The sunlight reflects on the undulating sea, countless glimmers shimmer between the waves, and watching such a scene seems to soften the heart, making time feel unhurried. The goal is to depict this feeling and share it with viewers.