Three Leafs Tea

No 22. Red Ruby Black Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: Nantou, YuChi
Flavor: Sweet Fruity
Shape: String Shape
Cultivar:  Cultivar #21
Oxidation Lv: 100%
Roasting Lv: 50%

The tea has a bright orange-red color, and its aroma is vibrant and fragrant. It carries a unique scent of pomelo flower honey and ripe fruits. In terms of taste, it combines the tenderness of small leaf black tea with the robustness of large leaf black tea. After swallowing, there is a sweet fruity taste, and the aftertaste lingers with notes of pomelo, orchid, and a lasting finish.

【About Our Tea Master】- Wu Chang Rong

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Tunping Wang

This artwork depicts two main attractions in Daxi, Taoyuan: Daxi Old Street and Daxi Bridge. The two scenes are arranged side by side, aligned at the center of both the front and back sides of the painting. This arrangement provides consistency on both sides while maintaining unique styles. Both scenes are portrayed from eye-level at the center of the road, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the experience of strolling through the real environment. The gaze follows the disappearing horizon. The viewers may feel a sense of nostalgia for the past, with the use of autumnal colors and fading lines evoking memories of lost beauty.