Three Leafs Tea

No 17. Dance Queen Black Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: YiLan, DongShan
Flavor: Floral Fruity
Shape: Half Ball Shape
Cultivar:  Jin Xuan
Oxidation Lv: 100%
Roasting Lv: 50%

Carefully selected medium-roasted oolong tea presents a honey-golden infusion. The Small-leaf black tea, is fully fermented, with a honeyed floral aroma. The tea infusion is clear amber-red.

【About Our Tea Master】- Li Wei

【About Art Creation】

Artist: DuDu Ru

In the painting, a blossoming sea of golden needle flowers adorns the green mountain, creating a radiant golden carpet that covers every corner of Liushishi Mountain. Hidden within the flower sea is a sleeping girl, surrounded by sunbirds (Taiwanese endemic subspecies and birds of Hualien County), gently lulling her into a slow pace, allowing herself to wander in the warm and sunny flower sea.