Three Leafs Tea

No 24. Red Gem Oolong Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: TaiTung, LuYe
Flavor: Fruity
Shape: Half Ball Shape
Cultivar:  QingXin Wulong
Oxidation Lv: 80%
Roasting Lv: 60%

Red Oolong is the distinctive tea of Luye Township in Taitung County, Taiwan. The unique climate and the combination of Oolong and black tea processing methods have created the naturally exquisite Taitung Red Oolong tea. Its aroma is refreshing, and at the bottom of the cup, there is a hidden unique ripe fruit fragrance.

【About Our Tea Master】- Lin Chang Tuo

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Chen Ang

Hsinchu is a place renowned for its tea, and the rich aroma of tea is as genuine as the hospitality of its people. Each sip of tea represents a heart touched by the journey and the appreciation for the labor and dedication behind it. In the artwork, the black cat is seen picking tea in Hsinchu tea gardens, bringing the taste of tea directly to you.