Three Leafs Tea

No 15. Jasmine JinXuan Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: ChangHua HuaTan
Flavor: Floral
Shape: Ball Shape
Cultivar:  Jin Xuan
Oxidation Lv: 15%
Roasting Lv: 20%

A blend of organic Jasmine and Taiwan high mountain Jinxuan, adhering to an eco-friendly environment, and presenting the delicate and elegant charm of Jasmine through intricate tea-making processes and refined design.

【About Our Tea Master】- HuaTan Farmers Association

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Chen Yun Yi

As a native of Hsinchu, I moved away from the city for my studies, and when I recall memories of my hometown, the first thing that comes to mind is the "wind." This creation mainly focuses on the theme of Hsinchu's wind and natural landscapes, embodying my life experiences in Hsinchu and offering viewers a visual experience of the "Wind City."