Three Leafs X YeYe Co-Brand Gift Box

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This is a cross brand collaboration project. While you enjoy once was named the most exquisite tea of the world 100 years ago - Oriental Beauty Tea, you can also enjoy the relaxing essential oil aromatherapy from our partner YeYe, to create a natural atmosphere, simultaneous visual and tactile impressions create a unique multi-sensory space experience.

The leather itself is sweet pink. After being dyed over time, the body will slowly transform into a mature dry rose.

/ Flavored essential oil /
[ Herbs - Lemon Sweet Grass]
With a slightly sour lemon scent, it brings out the sweet and fragrant aroma of violets, and matches with the breeze-like sea salt to set off a fresh and bright sage, which is a lively and sweet little sweet choice.
⟡ Top notes: grapefruit, lemon
⟡ Middle notes: sea salt, seaweed, violet
⟡ After adjustment: sage, amber, musk

1. White fragrant branch
2. Leather infuser is sweet pink / dyed with essential oil after dry rose
3. Pink copper metal base 1
4. Glass tube essential oil (ingredient: compound essential oil 25ml)
5. Oriental Beauty Tea (10x3g original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag)

1. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
2. The glass test tube is fragile. Please move it carefully when using it, place it horizontally and away from the slippery surface.
3. To maintain optimum use of essential oils and leather, keep away from strong direct airflow, high temperatures, humid conditions and direct sunlight.
4. Do not eat or spread the essential oils directly into the skin or eyes. If it is accidentally splashed, please wash it with water and seek medical advice immediately.
5. Do not mix leather with other fragrance products. If the fading is damaged by mixing, the company will not be responsible or refundable.
6. When fine-tuning the leather, please be careful not to press hard. When the leather fiber is broken by compression, it will soften and cannot maintain its original appearance.
7. Do not touch the water with water to avoid water stains. If you need to clean, please wipe gently with a normal dry cloth.
8. The leather absorbs essential oils and can be maintained simultaneously. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to use the maintenance oil for basic care every year.
9. Due to the nature of the material, the leather will have natural texture and traces, and will produce old-fashioned color over time. This is a natural condition, not awkward.
10. Due to the different color modes of each display, the actual color should be based on real products.
11. Consumable products. If you need to return the goods, please keep the goods intact, unused and packed.