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x5 Project - A Journey of 45 Taiwanese Tea

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I traveled around Taiwan, visited 24 small artisan tea gardens, and collected 45 types of tea to share with you!

How did this project idea come about?

Hi everyone, my name is Nancy Lang, I’m the founder of Three Leafs Tea, dedicated to connecting small artisan tea farmers with the world of modern tea lovers. Hope to share with you the stories behind each cup of Taiwan tea :)


How did I fall in love with Taiwanese tea? It all started in Dec 2016 when my car got stuck in the mountain of Nantou while I was looking for a hiking trail, and local tea farmers came to rescue me and pulled my car out of the mountain. So, long story short, I treat the family to dinner to show my appreciation for their help and they brewed me a pot of tea. 

I was stunned by how the tea expanded into whole leaves, and it was my first time in a tea garden. But the most amazing part is when I tasted the tea, it was like nothing I have ever had before, so pure, so fresh, so aromatic.

Since then, I have spent the last 7 years traveling around Taiwan, to explore the amazing Taiwanese tea. During this time I have visited 50+ tea gardens and talked with over 100+ tea farmers and tea-picking ladies (yes, these tea are not only 100% handmade, they are also 100% handpicked too). And now, I want to share what I have learned and experienced with you, and take you on a journey to experience the world’s most-crafted tea.

What makes Taiwanese tea so special?

Taste and flavor are not only affected the craftsmanship of the tea farmers but also vary due to the location of the tea garden, elevation, weather, and soil, all play an important role in the quality of tea. There are 4 very important elements of Taiwanese tea:

  • Rich Soil Conditions and Garden Management

  • Unique Tea Regions and Elevation

  • Versatile Weather and Temperature Differences

  • Tea-Making Craftsmanships and Legacies

Did you know? most of the tea gardens in Taiwan are less than 1 acre, which is very small compares to other tea-producing regions.

However, the tea farmers of these small tea gardens are still using the orthodox method of tea making that was passed on generations ago.

Through time, they have each developed their own unique twist to make their tea taste different, just like a chef, using the same ingredients, but presenting them in very different flavors. Using the art of oxidation and roasting, create their own unique type of whole-leaf tea. 

Here are the 45 types of tea you will enjoy with this gift box along with local young artists' creative work on the package, and stories of the tea and artwork: