Three Leafs Tea

No 7. MeiShan JinXuan Tea

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【About This Tea】

Origin: MeiShan, Chiayi
Flavor: Smooth Floral
Shape: Ball Shape
Cultivar: Jin Xuan
Oxidation Lv: 10%
Roasting Lv: 10%

Longyan Village is the first high mountain in Chiayi County. The taste is mellow and smooth, thick and active, the aroma is light and elegant, the tea liquor is honey green and yellowish, and it is resistant to brewing.

【About Our Tea Master】

【About Art Creation】

Artist: Meow Huang

The color of Jiaming Lake is as beautiful as gemstones, so it is also called "tears of angels". It is like an angel bestowing his tears here for the endless life of all things, and the rest of the tears are collected into a lake. Based on this concept, draw it into a picture, and draw it as you go. The black night sky is deliberately used to add mystery, and I hope that everyone who sees the work will have the same feeling so that this beauty can be discovered by more people.