No plants has affected histories, cultures, societies, or economies more profoundly than TEA (Camilla Sinensis). There are countless tea producing regions in the world, and yet Taiwan is the most exquisite region. My visits to each tea garden in Taiwan opens up a window into the history and life of an entire era.

- Nancy Lang / Founder

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Three Leafs Tea was born to connect modern tea lovers and artisan tea masters, promote Taiwan through each cup of premium tea. Along the way, we have learned there are many social problems needs attention. Your support is the most important fuel for social changes in the tea industry.

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Tea quality is superb and very passionate about highlighting Taiwanese teas and local farms.

Morgan Sheeran - New Zealand


A wonderful selection of traditional and herbal/floral oolongs. The chrysanthemum oolong was my favorite, and the staff are super kind and interested in chatting with you!

Jay Horita - Japan


The tea was amazing—so many different flavors in just oolong tea, It was an awesome experience that everyone who loves tea should go through. We loved it.

Arin Go - Australia


It’s a social enterprise that contributes to community and improve life of farmer. Very meaningful story.

Jenny Cheung - Hong Kong