• A modern glass mug allows you to watch your favourite tea brewing
  • Easy to know when the tea is perfectly brewed
  • Boro-silicate glass that holds boiling water
  • Easy pickup of insulating ceramics infuser
  • Flip over the lid to rest the infuser once tea is brewed


Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, Weave is a collection of functional forms embellished with beautiful textures and watery coloured glazes. The tactile patterns weave and flow over each piece which are further enhanced by the coloured glazes that wash over the undulating surfaces. Three textures have been used in combination throughout the range. They were inspired by surfaces found in nature such as the soft diamond shape of a crisp newly formed leaf or the soft flowing ripples found in the sand as the sea retreats from a high tide. The colours used for Weave are also inspired by the Scandinavian landscape; from the sandy yellows of the shoreline to the deep blues of a Nordic fjord.

Weave has been designed to be both practical and beautiful exploiting true ceramic qualities that come together in this durable porcelain collection.

Weave Mug w/Porcelain Infuser 300ml

SKU: C080-33AIN