Three Leafs Premium Tea: Uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance that makes it not only delicious to drink as part of a tea blend, it also give out a relaxing aroma. 

ROCCA Handmade Tea Infused Cookie: After experiment with over a dozen types of tea flavors, we have picked the two distinct tea to infuse in our cookie to present two complete different taste experience, to give your taste buds a spark of excitement. 


‧ Product Name:Three Leafs x ROCCA Pâtisserie Chinese New Year Gift Set.
‧ Product Weight:280gram ±3.0%/Box.
‧ Product Description:

   Osmanthus Flower Oolong Tea /10 bag/bottle.

   High Mountain Oolong Tea Infused Cookie/10pieces/bottle.

   Rose Blend Oolong Tea Infused Cookie/10pieces/bottle.
‧ Package Size:(Length) 29.0 x (heights) 14.5 x (Width) 18.5 cm.
‧ Expiration Date:30 days; keep away from sun and in room temperature.
‧ Orgin:Taiwan (Tea)、Macau (Cookie).
‧ Designer Gift Bag included.

Three Leafs x ROCCA Pâtisserie