About This Tea

Harvest Season: Winter/2017

Orgin: Nantou, Taiwan

Elevation: 800ft

Tea Master:  YuXin



Rose Oolong Tea is produced by scenting Oolong tea repeatedly with fresh rose petals. Rose Oolong Tea produces a strong rose smell with oolong floral undertones and a soup of a pale yellow color. The Rose Oolong Tea taste is initially rose, but quickly blends into a mild oolong floral flavor.



Taste smoothly with mild oolong floral flavor continuing into a sweet aftertaste.


Level of Oxidation

Lightly oxidaized about 20%


Product Options Details

50g Package - 16 cups at $1.1/cup

100g Package - 33 cups at $1/cup

Pyramid Tea Bags - 12 cups at $1.3/cup

Cold Brew Pack - 12 cups at $1.3/cup include the [Three Leafs Reusable Cold Brew Bottle]


How to Brew Our Tea

Hot Brew with mug: Use the [Three Leafs Perfect Portion] spoon, take about one flat scoop, 3g in 250ml hot water for about 5min. Good for 3-4 brews.


Cold Brew with [Three Leafs Resuable Bottle]: Take one pyramid tea bad in the bottle and fill with filtered or spring wather. 2-3 hours at room temperture, 6 hours in the fridge. Good for 3-4 brews.

Rose Blend Oolong Tea