About This Tea

Harvest Season: Winter/2017

Orgin: Nantou LuGu, Taiwan

Elevation: 1,300ft

Tea Master: Yu-lon Chang 



Surrounded by heavy fog all year at about 1300m to 2000m above sea level, the huge temperature changes between the day and night releases the glamorous flower aroma and the most refreshing fragrance of the tea leafs. 



Fresh herbal aroma, balanced, floral and buttery vegetal notes, clean frangrant aftertaste. 


Level of Oxidation

Lightly oxidaized about 20%


Product Options Details

50g Package - 16 cups at $1.1/cup

100g Package - 33 cups at $1/cup

Pyramid Tea Bags - 12 cups at $1.3/cup

Cold Brew Pack - 12 cups at $1.3/cup include the [Three Leafs Reusable Cold Brew Bottle]


How to Brew Our Tea

Hot Brew with mug: Use the [Three Leafs Perfect Portion] spoon, take about one flat scoop, 3g in 250ml hot water for about 5min. Good for 3-4 brews.


Cold Brew with [Three Leafs Resuable Bottle]: Take one pyramid tea bad in the bottle and fill with filtered or spring wather. 2-3 hours at room temperture, 6 hours in the fridge. Good for 3-4 brews.




High Mountain Oolong Tea

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