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哈爾濱在出生,十三歲移民美國,三十歲移民台灣讓Nancy有機會接觸很多不同的文化,同時也在成長的過程中累積了多元化的工作以及社會經驗包括:保險業,科技業,餐飲業。兩年前偶然的機會接觸到台灣烏龍茶,深深感到台灣烏龍茶的獨一無二,同時感到可惜在這片土地默默耕耘的專業茶人們的故事沒有應得的國際認識以及關注,決定要做台灣烏龍茶的宣傳大使。通過【Three Leaf Tea 三叶】這個品牌讓世界看見台灣茶,也可以通過台灣茶來體驗台灣。用不同於傳統的方式以及跨產業,跨國界的合作方式再次讓台灣烏龍茶在國際的舞台上發光發亮。

Nancy Lang

​Born in Harbin, China, immigrant to Los Angeles at age of 13 and immigrant to Taiwan at the age of 30. Nancy came from a very diverse background, and years of working experience in marketing, sales, and management. She was the first Asian female and the youngest to become an independent insurance agent at age of 18. By 21 she co-founded and served as COO in tech company that grow to INC5000 within 3 years. However, life took her to Taiwan where she have dedicated everything to help Taiwan artisan tea farmers to connect with the world thought this brand. Hope to revive the once was the most important industry in Taiwan, and help to become sustainable.

Our Mission 品牌宗旨



我們珍惜這片得天獨厚的風土,關心土地上辛勤耕耘的人們,也重視台灣茶業的發展與未來。除了培育良好的 茶種,【三叶】其一的經營理念是將銷售的部分利潤回饋給茶農,為茶農帶來更多專業與價值上的肯定,並重新建立起製茶師的角色定位。藉由品牌的推廣與分享,我們希望能以三叶的形象建立起世界與台灣優質茶葉的溝通橋樑。我們誠摯的邀請您來到三叶,與我們一起認識台灣茶葉,細細品味這片土地的美好。

Help Create

Common good

We believe a business shouldn’t just focus on profits but also focus on giving back to the society, be responsible for consumers, suppliers as well as our environment. Our goal is to solve the social problem of under-paid local tea growers. By sourcing directly from each small tea garden, and by investing back, we help improve people’s life in their community. At the same time the consumer can enjoy better tea for less, creating a fair trade market. Together we can make a difference! 

Our Value 品牌理念

Preserve The Art of Making Premium Tea

At Three Leafs Tea, the journey of tea from leaf to cup begins with each of our artisan tea growers using orthodox method: tea is wholly or partially handpicked, and aims to preserve as much of the whole leaf as possible. Tea from a single origin estate is sought after for their signature style. Depends on the year, garden’s elevation, and the climate of that season, each of our tea will bring you one of a kind flavor and tasting experience. To share the unique taste created by each artisan tea master, the traditional method as well as the dedication behind each cup of Formosa Oolong Tea.



【三叶】的名稱,源自於一心三叶的採茶方法:只摘取茶葉 最頂端的嫩芽與葉,代表著我們對於茶葉品質的堅持。 三叶以台灣出產的烏龍茶為起點,著重於茶葉的製成與 烘焙方式;跳脫以往由區域性分類茶種的既定印象,我 們帶領消費者重新探索產自台灣這片土地的茶葉。【三叶】的製茶師是味覺的領袖與工藝的傳承者 : 熟撚地遵循一道道繁複的製茶工法,根據不同樹種與土地的特色,展現每一採茶各自獨特的風味。每一片葉、每一株芽,都經由專業的製茶師之手淬煉成片片結晶,讓【三叶】分享給同樣熱愛這片土地的人們。





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